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  Local Packages


Most Popular Local Service Packages and Features


Residential Telephone $18.00, PLUS
Subscriber Line Charge $6.50
Federal Universal Service Charge                Subject to change quarterly
Access Recovery Charge  $3.00
State 911 Tax Subject to change
State and County Tax Subject to change

Additional Charges

Installation Fee: $46.50
Jack Installation Fee: $50.00 for first jack and $25.00 for additional jacks
A deposit may be required
Rates do not apply to business or commercial accounts
Access charges and taxes are not included in prices

Additional Features




Automatic Call Return


Returns a call to the last party who called you. To activate - press *69 

Caller ID  $5.50  Lets you see a caller's name and number before answering 
Anonymous Call Rejections  $2.50  Rejects calls displayed on Caller ID as private or anonymous. To activate - press *77 
Automatic Call Back  $2.50  Automatically redials the last number you dialed. To activate - press *66 
Call Forwarding All Calls  $1.50 

Lets you forward all incoming calls to another number. To activate - press *72 

Call Forwarding No Answer  $2.50  Forwards incoming call to another number if calls are not answered within a pre-selected number of rings. To activate - press *92 

Call Forwarding Busy Line


Forwards calls when line is busy. To activate - press *90 

Call Forwarding Remote Access 


Lets you access call forwarding remotely. To activate -  dial the phone number provided to you by your phone service provider.

Call Transfer   $2.50  Allows you to transfer a call to another number, then drop out leaving the users connected .
Call Waiting  $2.25  Alerts you with a beep if another party is trying to call you while you are on the phone 
Warm Line  $2.50  When your phone goes off the hook it will automatically dial another pre-determined number after a pre-determined amount of time 
Speed Dial 8 Numbers  $1.50  You may store 8 frequently dialed numbers 
Speed Dial 30 Numbers  $3.00  You may store 30 frequently dialed numbers 
Selective Call Acceptance  $3.00  Allows you to create a list of up to 12 callers you want to hear from. Callers not on the list are forwarded to a message stating that their calls are not being accepted at this time 
Selective Call Forwarding  $3.00  Calls from 12 phone numbers can be forwarded to a predetermined number; others will ring through normally 
Selective Call Rejection  $3.00  Rejects calls from up to 12 numbers 
Selective Distinctive Ringing  $3.00  Allows you to select 12 numbers that can be assigned a distinctive ringing pattern 
Three Way Calling  $2.25 

Allows you to form a conference with two other parties 

Wire Maintenance  $1.95  Repair and wire maintenance for your telephone 
Distinctive Ringing  $4.00  Allows you to have a different ring for each phone number 

Voice Mail 


Get messages when you are away, on the phone or on the internet 

All features listed are monthly re-occurring charges. Additional packages are available. Features can be added to any package for an additional monthly charge. An order charge will be assessed for any features not chosen with initial setup. These rates do not apply to business or commercial accounts. Wire maintenance is subject to certain restrictions and does not include customer owned equipment. Caller ID/Call waiting compatible display equipment is required. Not all calls are displayed or logged. Selective call forwarding may not operate on blocked and certain other calls. Other limitations and restrictions may apply.



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