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  Long Distance

National Long-Distance Rates*:

Per-minute Cost
Monthly Fee
10 cents
7 cents $3.95
5 cents $5.95

Unlimited Long Distance 



Unlimited Long Distance (Residential customers only) No calling time restrictions** - call any time of the day, any day of the week for one low monthly fee of $25 (plus taxes and surcharge).


                               Expanded Community Calling Plan


International Long Distance Rates:
Mexico 18.51 cents per minute
Canada 11.25 cents per minute
United Kingdom 12.87 cents per minute
France 12.96 cents per minute
Italy 12.87 cents per minute
Spain 12.94 cents per minute
Germany 13.06 cents per minute
Netherlands 13.15 cents per minute

*You must have a qualifying Valley Telephone, Copper Valley Telephone or Valley TeleCom Group landline telephone account to be eligible for Long Distance Calling Plans. The National Long Distance Calling Plans include the 50 states within the U.S.

** Requires Valley Connections local service. Cannot be used for business or internet access. (Usage may be monitored and customer may be required to show compliance if usage exceeds 2,500 minutes/mo. or non-compliance indicated.  

To learn about the long distance options, please call us at 800. 421.5711:










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