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Dear Valley TeleCom Group Television Customer:

In 2006, Valley TeleCom Group began offering digital television services. We made this investment to provide a value-added service to our existing network and give customers the option of getting all of their voice, video, and data services from a single provider.

Over the last several years, there have been significant changes in the television markets. As we have discussed with you in the past, each year the costs that we have to pay to the television networks has continued to increase. As a small provider, we simply do not have the bargaining power that the larger providers have to receive programming at reasonable rates. This makes it difficult to provide the high-quality video service that our customers deserve, and also makes it difficult to keep making investments in the rapidly-advancing technology required to remain competitive.

As a result of these challenges, and after much analysis and discussion, Valley TeleCom Group will be discontinuing our video service effective November 1, 2017. 

In order to assist our customers with the transition, we are excited to announce that we have entered into an agreement to become an AT&T Preferred Dealer.  Under this agreement, we will be able to sign customers up for one of the great DIRECTV programming packages available. Our staff is offering this service to our Valley video customers to help make the transition to another television provider a little easier. As an added incentive, we will give you a $25 credit on your final television bill if you choose to sign up for DIRECTV through one of Valley’s trained Customer Service Representatives.

We remain committed to providing unlimited high-speed Internet and local phone service and are excited to continue bringing these quality services to our area for years to come. Please contact us at 1-800-421-5711 to begin the transition of your television service and, as always, we appreciate your patronage.



Steven D. Metts

CEO/General Manager


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