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 Business Phone Service


Now your talking business! With telephone services including long distance and calling features you can rely on Valley. For over 50 years we've been in the business of providing clear, affordable and reliable service, backed by local and responsive support you can count on.


Service Price / mo
Valley Connections $29.95
Safford and Willcox AZ  
Copper Valley Telephone $32.00
Morenci, Clifton, Duncan, Elfrida & McNeal AZ & Virden NM  
Valley Telephone New Mexico $24.50
Valley Telephone Arizona $19.75
Inside Wiring Varies by Project
Jack Installation Varies by Project

Long Distance and calling features are available, call 520.384.8907 for details. 

Toll Free Services

$5.00 per month per number 6.5 cents per minute Inter & Intrastate Calls.


Not all services available in all areas to all subscribers. Taxes, fees and restrictions apply. 































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