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Bundled Service Featuring Local Phone and  High-Speed Internet

Looking to save some serious money every month? It's easy when you bundle the services you need into one convenient package.

Valley now offers Local Telephone, and High-Speed Internet that come in a bundle to help you save money!



Local Telephone Service Includes:

  • Caller ID, Voicemail and two basic features                                             
  • 30 min Long Distance per month
    (Valley Long Distance Subscribers Only)

 *Choose Your Internet Speed:

20 Mb down - 1 Mb up  $93.95/Mo
10 Mb down - 1 Mb up           $83.95/Mo
6 Mb down - 512 Kbps up $73.95/Mo

 *Available speeds vary by location.


Valley Wifi $6.95/Mo
Single Service Wire Maintenance              $1.95/Mo
Multi Service Wire Maintenance $4.95/Mo






Services not available in all areas to all subscribers. Taxes, fees and restrictions apply.

Price does not include applicable taxes and regulatory fees.


















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