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Valley TeleCom Group Executive Team



Steve Metts          Chief Executive Officer

Steve Metts

  • Chief Executive Officer – Steven Metts – has been employed with the organization for 12 years. Prior to VTC/VCON, Steven was employed by two telecommunications consulting firms and two other telecommunications companies. Steven has been involved in all areas of telecommunications with an emphasis on finance, regulatory and government relations. His tenure in the telecommunications industry is 31 years.
Kristi Lee          Chief Operations Officer

Kristi Lee
  • Chief Operations Officer – Kristi Lee – has been employed with the organization for her entire 25-year career. Kristi’s experience in the telecommunications industry spans across customer service, billing, and accounting. Kristi is currently responsible for all operational functions of the company which includes engineering, construction, customer support, installation and repair, business sales and network operations.  Kristi specializes in project management.

Troy Judd
         Chief Financial Officer

Troy Judd
  • Chief Financial Officer – Troy Judd – has been employed in the telecommunications industry for 18 years including 17 with VTC/VCON. Prior to joining VTC/VCON, Troy was employed with the telecommunications division of the auditing firm Bolinger, Segars, Gilbert & Moss. Troy is responsible for all of the administrative aspects of the organization. This includes finance, human resources, regulatory and compliance, billing and marketing. Troy has an accounting degree from Western NM University, Silver City NM.


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