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Scholarship Programs

2019-2020 Scholarship recipients in attendance at Valley Telephone Cooperative’s Annual Meeting in San Simon on May 4, 2019. As part of Valley TeleCom group's committment to giving back through scholarships, we're proud to play a part in the educational future of our youth. This year, Valley TeleCom Group gave out 52 scholarships totalling over $150,000.00.



Valley Telephone Cooperative Foundation and Copper Valley Telephone Scholarship Programs.

The Valley Telephone Cooperative Foundation is an independent foundation that provides scholarships to members, patrons, and family members of patrons of the Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc. The Foundation grants one-year scholarships, which are paid one semester at a time. There is a five -year maximum for any student to receive a scholarship for undergraduate studies and a three-year maximum for graduate studies.

Each year the Valley Telephone Cooperative Foundation awards scholarships from capital credits that Valley Telephone Cooperative members have not claimed or have donated to the Foundation.  Copper Valley Telephone reserves money during the budget process each year to award scholarships. The scholarship funds are completely separate, and scholarships are awarded based upon the serving area the qualifying customer has service in, along with the selection criteria shown below. To simplify the process, there is one application for both scholarship funds.  The Scholarship Administrator will determine which scholarship you are applying for based upon the serving area of the qualifying customer.

 Valley Telephone Cooperative serving areas:  AZ – Bonita, Bowie, Pearce/Sunsites, Portal, San Simon, and Sunizona. NM – Animas, Columbus, Playas, and Rodeo.
Copper Valley Telephone serving areas:  AZ – Clifton/Morenci, Duncan, Elfrida, and York Valley.  NM – Virden.



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