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How To: Speed Calling Short List

Speed Calling allows you to establish a list of frequently called numbers and assign a one- or two-digit code to access a particular number on the list from the touch pad. Speed Call Short allows you to build a list of up to 10 frequently called numbers using the digits 0 to 9.

To program Speed Calling:

1. Listen for dial tone. Dial *77.

2. Listen for the special dial tone. Dial the digit(s) to which you would like to assign a telephone number

3. Dial the telephone number you want to store. Dial exactly as you would to place the call.

Note: If the number requires a pause in dialing (e.g., after dialing 9 to reach an outside line, or after dialing an international code), press Pause at the appropriate place when entering the number, if your phone has a Pause button.

4. Press #, listen for the confirmation tone, and then hang up.

5. Repeat the above steps to add additional numbers. To change a number, follow the same steps, and enter a new number in place of an existing number. To delete a

number, enter # after you dial the digit between 0 and 9.

To dial a call using Speed Calling:

1. Lift the handset or press the Hands free button.

2. Dial * and then the code for the telephone number you wish to call.

2. Press # to dial your call.


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