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How To: Selective Call Rejection

This service allows you to create a list of up to 12 unwanted callers whose calls will be blocked.  If someone calls from a rejected number they will be routed to an announcement that explains the call is not presently being accepted.

Setting up a List:

1. Dial *60 (1160 rotary)

2. Press #, dial the number, and then press # again

Adding the number of an Unknown caller:

1. Dial *60 immediately after the annoying call.

2. Press #.

3. Dial 01, and then push #

To remove a number from you list:

1. Dial *60

2. Press *

3. Dial the number to be removed.

4. Press * again.

To hear the numbers on your list and/or remove a number on your list::

1. Dial *60

2. Dial 1.  You may dial 07 immediately after hearing a number on your list to remove it.

3. Dial 08 to have all numbers removed

4. Dial 09 to have "private entries" removed

To access or turn off your service:

1. Press *60. Voice prompts will inform you if your list is on or off.  To turn your list on or off, press 3.


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