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How To: Selective Call Forwarding

Allows you to create a special list of up to 12 caller's telephone numbers that will be forwarded to the telephone number you designate. Only the people on your list will be forwarded if they call when this service is activated.  All other calls will be handled normally.

Setting up a list:

1. Dial *63 (1163 rotary)

2. Press #, enter the phone number, the press # again (dial 12 instead of # when using rotary)

3. Hear voice confirmation of feature.

4.  For initial activation of the list, dial 3.

To enter the forwarding number:

1. Listen for dial tone.

2. Press *63 (1163 rotary)

3. Press 3, enter the phone number to which you're forwarding calls.

4. Press #, then 1 to confirm voice prompts.

To remove a number from you list:

1. Dial *63

2. Press *

3. Dial the number to be removed.

4. Press * again.

To hear the numbers on your list and/or remove a number on your list::

1. Dial *63

2. Dial 1.  You may dial 07 immediately after hearing a number on your list to remove it.

3. Dial 08 to have all numbers removed

4. Dial 09 to have "private entries" removed

To access or turn off your service:

1. Press *64. Voice prompt will inform you if list is on or off.

2. To turn list on or off, dial 3.

*Selective call forwarding must be turned off before attempting to add, delete or change a number on your list.


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