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How To: Call Waiting/Cancel Call Waiting

Call Waiting is a feature that provides a beep to alert another call is waiting. It allows the waiting call to be answered without disconnecting from the existing call. It allows switching between the calls whenever desired. Allows either call to be ended at any time.

Cancel Call Waiting provides the ability to temporarily disengage call waiting for uninterrupted talking before a call. When activated, anyone calling will receive a busy signal.

To Use Call Waiting:

1. Press the switch hook or flash button. The first call is put on hold and you are connected to the second call.

2. To return to the original call, press the switch hook or flash button again.

To Use Cancel Call Waiting:

1. Listen for a dial tone.

2. Press *70

3. Listen for a second dial tone.

4. Dial the desired telephone number


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