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How To: Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR)

A service that will automatically stop all incoming calls from blocked telephone numbers.

To activate:

1. Listen for dial tone

2. Press *77 (1177 for rotary)

3. Listen for confirmation tone or announcement, and then hang up.

To deactivate:   

1. Listen for dial tone

2. Press *87 (1187 for rotary), then hang up.

Calls marked private or anonymous will receive the following message:

"The party you are calling does not accept blocked calls. To call this person, hang up, dial *82 to unblock your line and dial the number again."

ACR does not reject "unavailable" or "out of area" calls since they are not blocked by the caller. Usually these calls are not directly dialed. These calls originate from a number that can't be read by Caller ID for example, calls made with the assistance of an Operator, billed to a calling card, or placed from some cellular phones.


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