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How To: Automatic Call Back

Automatically redials the last number you dialed. You can use this service whether the call was answered, unanswered, or busy.  You can save time and frustration that a busy signal can bring by counting on your phone to let you know when that person's line is free. You can continue to using your line (making and receiving calls) while you wait.  It will automatically call back a busy call, trying for 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes your request will be canceled.

To activate:

1. After a busy signal, hang up.

2. Lift hand set and listen for the dial tone.

3. Press *66 (1166 for rotary)

4. You will hear an announcement telling you that the system will continue to monitor the line for 30 minutes, and then hang up.

5. You will receive a special call back ring when the line is free.

Pick up the receiver and the number you were calling will ring.

To deactivate:

1. Listen for dial tone

2. Press *86 (1186 for rotary), and then hang up.


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