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Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws of Valley Telephone Cooperative



The Board of Directors is recommending certain changes to the Bylaws to  update and modernize them to better address the changing business environment in which the Cooperative is operating as well as better reflect current operations. The following is a brief explanation of the changes being proposed to each Article of the Bylaws:

Article 1-  Membership -  The proposed change makes it clear that "broadband service" qualifies a customer for membership. The change also lumps the terms "telephone service," "broadband service" or "other communications services" together and defines them as "telecommunications services" which is the  updated term used throughout the proposed changes to the By-Laws. This change also
eliminates the requirement of a new member to pay a membership fee as this is no longer important to the financial condition of the Cooperative as it  was when the Cooperative was founded and the network was being built. All current members who have paid the fee will have it credited to their account.

The change also eliminates the need to  issue membership certificates. When the Cooperative was founded, members were issued a membership certificates. Now, memberships are all tracked electronically through issuing a membership number and the certificates are no longer necessary.

Article 3 -  Meetings of  Members -  The proposed change would eliminate the requirement to hold the annual meeting within 15 days of the first Saturday of May each year. The requirement to hold an annual meeting would remain, however the board would have more flexibility in establishing
the  date.

Article 4 -  Directors -  This change adds new language that would make a former employee ineligible to be on the Board of Directors until at least three years after he/she has left the cooperative's employment.
Article 6 -  Officers -  Removes the references to membership certificates consistent with the changes in Article 1.
Article 7 -  Non Profit Operation -  Replaces the term "telephone and other communications service" with "telecommunications service" consistent with the change to  Article 1.
Article 9 -  Seal -  Removes the requirement to have a corporate seal as they are no longer used.No changes are being proposed any of the other Articles not  listed on this page. The following pages contain the specific proposed language changes by Article and Sections of  the Bylaws impacted by the proposed amendments with additions being shown with an underline and deletions shown with a strikethrough. A full copy of all of the Bylaws including these proposed amendments is
available at

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