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Customer Service Videos

Clik on any video link below to see a short tutorial.

              "Changing to a Larger Font"

  • You can increase the font size for both your program guide and program descriptions on our new TV service by watching this easy to follow video tutorial (click on the link below).

              "Changing the Picture from Standard to Wide Sceen"

  • You can easily change the picture you're watching from standard to wide screen by watching this simple to follow video tutorial.


               "Using Your DVR Part 1 - Live TV"

  • Using you DVR (Digital Video Recorder) during live TV is easy and intuitive. Pause, rewind, play and fast forward while watching any program. Watch this short tuorial video to find out how.

              "Using Your DVR Part 2 - Recording & Playback"

  • Record your favorite shows and movies so you can watch them any time you want. Great for a busy schedule or on the go lifestyle. Watch this tutorial video to find out how to get the most out of your DVR experience. 



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